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Bradley Doughty: Bradley, of Exmore, has been battling Diabetes for 16 years. For 6 years, he suffered from Neuropathy due to the disease. He was sure that feeling wouldn't return...until at a gas station. " I saw Dr. Bull, and he said, 'I can help you',". Fourteen treatments later and he can feel again in his legs and feet. His balance, strength and endurance are greatly improved. He has less pain and is able to walk to his shed to repair his beloved car. "Dr. Bull has given me my life back".

Sue Connors: Sue, of Onancock, was an avid golfer-usually walking 18 holes. But her golf game suffered over the last year as she suffered from Neuropathy, losing feeling in her foot duye to a degenerative disk in her back. "I saw an ad in the paper, went to a lecture by Dr. Bull and decided I could give it a try," said Sue. "After just 10 or 12 sessions, I was already 90% better. He was always helpful and I felt confident in the procedures." After 12 weekly sessions, Sue was back to hitting birdies on the back 9...walking, not riding in a cart. These days, she checks in with Dr. Bull twice a year for follow-ups. "I would recommend this procedure. It really helped me."

Jason Hale: Jason, of Bloxom has been an equipment operator and truck driver for most of his career. At 34, he was suffering from Neuropathy in his feet due to lumbar disk degeneration. He said it got so bad he was always in pain with burning and numbness, had trouble with balance and couldn't play with his son. All doctors could offer him was surgery and pain medication, which was not what he wanted. He heard about Dr. Bull and the class 4 laser treatment that increases cell permeability and decided to give it a try. After 12 sessions, he feels he is already 75 percent back to normal and can now feel his feet without pain. He has been very pleased with the results. Dr. Bulls laser treatment has given him more than traditional medicine could offer with no side effects.

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