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HCG Weight Loss

What is HCG?

HCG is the abbreviated name for Human Chorionic Gondadotropin, which is a special peptide hormone produced in the body. This hormone, which is actually developed in women during pregnancy, aids in breaking down stubborn fat stores. During the development of a fetus, this breakdown of fat provides a constant source of nutrients for the growing baby. Scientists have discovered this incredible power of the HCG hormone and have created a form of it that can be used by both men and women for the purpose of weight loss. The HCG program combines high grade HCG drops with a careful diet plan to offer you the best possible option for serious weight loss!


How HCG Drops and the HCG Diet Work

You will receive the top rated HCG diet drops and all program guidelines. Following the step-by-step instructions will allow the HCG to go to work unlocking the stored fat deposits throughout your body. During this time you will eat a restricted diet, which will cause your body to need to use the calories from that stored fat as energy. Say goodbye to stubborn fat areas!


History of hCG Diet

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gondadotropin, is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body. It is produced in pregnant women to aid in the breakdown of fat to provide nutrients to the fetus. Dr. A. T. W. Simeons M.D. studied obesity for over 40 years and developed a theory involving the application of HCG beyond its natural use during pregnancy. He hypothesized that the use of HCG in non-pregnant individuals would aid in the breakdown of stored fat. His detailed “protocol” on the topic has proven to be a valuable asset to the scientific community and his HCG diet plan has been used for 50 years and is considered safe and effective means for dealing with stubborn fat stores.


The HCG Diet Phases

HCG will work effectively to unlock abnormal fat deposits if it is combined with the correct diet plan. During your HCG diet, your caloric intake will be limited to 500 calories of high-fiber, nutrient-rich foods. Except for the first 2 days (read more about this initial phase in the members section), it is recommended that you avoid foods that are high in sugar, starch, oil and fat. For a safe and effective HCG diet, please follow all instructions EXACTLY.

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